About us

With the advent of technology, smart home automation devices and security systems are no longer confined to the privileged few in society. Today, everyone and anyone can own a smart home security system with it being much more affordable than before. Here at Hoz, we are excited to be at the forefront of this smart tech era in line with the Singapore government’s push towards a Smart Nation.

Our company is founded with innovation at its core, re-imagining the way smart home automation is done. Our vision is to become a leading name in residential households island and a provider of IOT (the Internet of Things), delivering robust tech solutions to families and individuals across Singapore.

Our vision and mission have no boundaries, and neither does your home. From Digital Locks that provide an impenetrable keyless security solution, to intelligent CCTV systems that put you in control of your property from anywhere on the planet, we strive to deliver it all. Every home has the potential to become a smart home – where everything works in harmony with just the tap of your finger on your phone.

Our current range of Digital Locks and CCTV systems is just the beginning. Our collection is expected to expand to include the likes of automatic curtains/blinds that open and close according to your sleep patterns and personal preferences. We want to help our customers create a happy, cozy living space with energy-efficient, affordable solutions that combine comfort with convenience.

Our years of experience have taught us one thing: The possibilities of a smart home are endless. Even if the concept is completely new to you, the Hoz team will give you the education you need to purchase intelligent home solutions with confidence. From delivery to installation and configuration/maintenance, we pride ourselves on building meaningful relationships with each customer we serve.

That’s the Hoz promise, and a promise we’ll keep!